Perry United Methodist Church is a member of the South Georgia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.  Like many United Methodist churches, PUMC is navigating what is the future into which God is calling us.  The UMC has been divided and has reached an impasse.  You may be wondering where PUMC is when it comes to these denominational matters.  We have formed a Denominational Future Committee which is prayerfully studying and discerning what will be the best options for us, and they will be reporting back to Administrative Board.  We have created the Denominational Future Committee to help research potential denominations should PUMC decide to depart.  We have created this section of our website in order to share helpful information, past updates, town hall videos, and helpful outside resources.  

Questions About Departure and The Global Methodist Church?

Email the Denominational Future Committee at

A Letter from our Pastor, Rev. Tom

                                           Rev. Tom Thoughts (extended part of the above letter)

How?  The Process of Reaching  the Global Methodist Decision

Coffee and Conversations with Jay Hanson on March 11, 2024

Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about The Global Methodist Church (updated 4/17)

Questions and Answers from Perry United Methodist Church  (updated 4/17)

PUMC DFC Resources

Websites used by the DFC


Why We Need a Denomination

Considering Methodist Options

Proposed Resolutions for General Conference

Why?  Presentation with Speaker Notes

The Denominational Future Committee’s presentation to Administrative Board.

Leaving in 2024 Explained

Dr. Jimmy Asbell, Senior Pastor of Vineville UMC in Macon and Conference Trustees Chair and Mrs. Cater Thompson, Conference Chancellor, provide several updates in response to what happens when South Georgia's current disaffiliation expires on December 31, 2023. 

Multiplying Methodism

Jeff Greenway and Mike Lowry

While acknowledging their dedication to and thankfulness for the UM Church, Greenway and Lowry compare its deep divisions to a married couple where accountability and trust have been lost. Like the leading UM bishops, clergy, and laity who negotiated the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation, they believe “irreconcilable differences among us have resulted in our need to be in separate churches – but in the process, we have some heart work to do. As we press on, we will need to commit ourselves to work on our new covenant relationships while not continually having flashbacks to the old. We take no joy in finding ourselves at this juncture, but we’re not without hope. We write to remind us all that this is not the first time people who claim the name of Jesus have separated.”

Time To Go. Why We Must Pass the Protocol

A look at the issues that divide the denomination.

With a Deadline Looming, the United Methodist Church Breaks Up

“Until July, White’s Chapel was the second-largest United Methodist congregation in the country. The conservative-leaning church lost its status this year not because it shrank — it is growing, leaders say — but because it left the denomination.”

United Methodist Church Book of Discipline

Global Methodist Transitional Book of Discipline

South GA UMC Church Directory

South Georgia Global Church Directory 

Global UMC

United Methodist Church

South Georgia United Methodist Church

South Georgia Global Methodist Church

2024 Departure Information

FAQs for Clergy

Departure Process

Departure Timeline

Discernment Workbook

People Need Jesus

Holy Conversations: The WCA Podcast/A Podcast by Wesleyan Covenant:
Multiplying Methodism

Global Methodist Church Update

Pathways Webinars


Denomination Comparison Form

WHY Separate?


Comparing Three

Charts from other churches

          A Comparison of UMC and GMC      

          Comparisons and Rational for Joining the GMC     


Denominational Future Committee Mission Statement


From Our Denominational Future Committee

October 26, 2023 Letter for the Timeline and Mission of the DFC

December 2023 Letter from the DFC Committee

From Our Administrative Board

May 18, 2023 Letter from our Administrative Board President

Perry UMC Discernment Conversations

Bishop David Graves - April 24, 2023 in the PUMC Sanctuary

Dr. Shane Green - April 13, 2023 in the PUMC Sanctuary

Dr. Baxter Hurley - March 28, 2023 in the PUMC Sanctuary

Information from Our Discovery Team

February Letter 2023

Lunch and Learn Who, What, When, Where, Why Short Handout 03.05.2023

Lunch and Learn Long Form - (more detailed)

Letters From Our Pastor (click below to view a PDF of each)

June 2022 - Pastoral Update

January 2023 - Pastoral Update

Updates from our Bishop
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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Background Information regarding the United Methodist Denominational Crisis

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Background Info Packet

The 2016 Book of Discipline and The Book of Resolutions

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General Conference 2024 Website

This site will be updated with the preposed legislation 6 months prior to the 2024 conference as was described in the Lunch and Learn hand out above.  

Click here for the GC24 Website

Perry UMC Town Hall Meetings

June 2022 - 06/28/2022

January 2023 - 1/08/2023

January 2023 - 1/17/2023