Dedicating our Tin Can Miracle

Our Mobile OBGYN Project is nearing completion and almost ready to begin it's journey to Ghana, Africa.

This Sunday at 12 p.m., we will open the clinic for you to look through and we will gather together to pray over this project and dedicate it to the Lord.

The Houston Home Journal and 13wmaz will join us to cover this event, please come join us so they can see the support from our church!

After Sunday, we will load the clinic with the generous donations of medical supplies, school supplies, and more. We will also include 1188 feminine pads that were lovingly made by the women of our church and community. These donations will be used to change lives for years to come.

We hope that you will join us as this amazing mission program wraps up at our location and moves forward in the Lord's plan toward its new home.


We are working with Unto the Least of His Ministries to build the tenth Mobile OBGYN Clinic that will be shipped to Ghana, Africa. This 3 room clinic will be solar powered, have a fresh water source and will provide much needed medical care before, during and after pregnancies to the women of this village.  We also have a group of women who are sewing reusable feminine products that will be added to this project once completed.  We believe that God is calling us to make a difference and to show His love from one corner of the world to another.   

We have listed some ways you can help below.  


Making a financial Donation in support of this mission project.  

If you would like to support this mission, please click below, follow the directions and select "Mobile Health Clinic" to donate. 

You may also send donations to our post office box at PO Box 73, Perry, GA 31069.  Please mark your donation "Mobile Health Clinic".  

All gifts are tax deductible.  

Media coverage on our project

We are so excited about this project!  We want everyone involved! 
This is what the news has been saying about this life saving mission project!

Houston Home Journal Story - Wednesday, July 6, 2022