Schedule of ministries

Sunday Schedule: Beginning September 13 (Masks Required)  

9 a.m.    Worship

10 a.m.   Sunday School

11 a.m.   Worship (Children's Church; Livestream of Worship)

A pre-school nursery is provided for all events on Sunday. 

Monday Schedule: (Masks Required)

Noon -2 p.m  Mom's Bible Study begins September 21

Wednesday Schedule:  (Masks required)

7:00 a.m.     Youth Drive-by Prayer Breakfast (September 9)

4 PM - 6 PM  Children's Ministry: Treehouse Trades begins September 16

6:45 PM       Wednesday Youth Night begins on September 16 (no meal)

ministry restart

Begins September 13

Every church is adjusting to ministry in a COVID-19 world.

Our church values high touch, face-to-face, hands-on, voices-raised in praise and prayer experiences. COVID-19 forced us out of key aspects of what we understand the church, "the body of Christ" to be like.

We are trying to reclaim as much of our "normal" pattern of ministry while following generally accepted healthy best practices as we restart our on-campus ministries as we restart on-campus ministries this Fall.

We have adopted a short-hand way to describe the status of our ministries during a time when circumstances can change quickly. Therefore, we invite you to join us in using the colors of a traffic light as a quick way of understanding what ministry activities are being held on our church campus at any given time.


Red:  No on-campus ministries will be held if either Houston County Schools or Westfield School cease on-campus classes, or if the Governor declares a quarantine due to the spread of Coronavirus. Online-only worship will be held online only when we are in “red” status. No face-to-face worship in the sanctuary. We were in “red” status from March 22—June 14, 2020.

Yellow:  No on-campus small group ministries (Sunday School, children, youth, Prime Time, etc.) will be held. Worship will be in-person and offered by live stream. Church leadership will monitor conditions to ascertain when it is safe to begin easing back into in-person worship. PUMC has been in “yellow” status since June 21.

Green:  We will offer on-campus worship and our program ministries. We will practice appropriate preventative safeguards as advised by governmental/ ecclesiastical authorities.  We will move to “green” status on September 13, provided COVID-19 conditions do not change.