One thing: Increase our faith

We begin January 2021 with an emphasis on "Increasing Our Faith." We do so aware that we have a role to play in developing our spiritual life. In fact, we declare our intentions to make this pursuit a priority by declaring our intention to increase our faith as the "One Thing" that is most important. There will be two major thrusts to this emphasis:

Sermon Series

Our January worship services will center around messages that highlight steps we can take to grow the spiritual life and thus Increase our Faith.

One Thing Bible Study of 1 John

Also, we will begin a congregational study of the epistle 1 John on January 3. There will be three resources to help with our study:

1. A PDF daily reading/devotional guide will be provided that interested persons may download by clicking: One_Thing_Daily_Guide_1_John.pdf

2. A six-week, group Bible study on 1 John will be taught by Dr. Brad Brady. The class will meet on Wednesdays beginning on January 6. The study will meet face-to-face in the Fellowship Hall at 1:30 p.m.  Also, the study will be recorded and uploaded on our website by Wednesday's at 6 p.m. for others to access  when their schedule permits. See the media section below this article for the Bible study video links as we move through this six-week journey.

3. Additionally, Dr. Brady will offer "Encouraging Words" as live video Facebook posts on Mondays and Fridays. Those video clips will be added to the media section below for those who do not have Facebook access.




1_John_Bible_Study_session_3.pdfBelow you will find two different types of media that will be uploaded during our 6 week study of 1 John.  Media will appear with the most current videos at the top.

Encouraging Words

Dr. Brad Brady will upload brief video segments each Monday and Friday, beginning on January 4. These messages are intended to encourage everyone to participate in the One Thing emphasis and to comment on aspects of the daily devotional guide.  

Download Daily Devotional Guide

You may click here to download a PDF version of the guide: One_Thing_Daily_Guide_1_John.pdf

1 John Weekly Bible Study

The plan is to record the Wednesday Bible study sessions and upload that video by Wednesdays at 6 p.m. so others may engage in the study at a more convenient time.

Bible Study Handouts

Session 1: January 6, 2021       1_John_Bible_Study_session_1.pdf  

Session 2: January 13, 2021     1_John_Bible_Study_session_2.pdf

Session 3: January 20, 2021     1_John_Bible_Study_session_3.pdf